A Fresh Start

“We could move to Costa Rica someday,” we said while vacationing in a remote village, Oct 2019. We figured it would take about ten years to be financially able. The following August we accidentally set it in motion when we told friends what we wanted to do ’someday’. By spring 2021, the housing market jump changed our options. We sold our house and nearly all of our belongings in May and took another trip to CR, this time taking our 11yo daughter with us. While visiting, we made a friend in a small mountain town where we decided to begin our Adventure by renting a house. After returning to the US, we moved into a motorhome and parked it in a friend’s backyard. I began the six month process of training my two new business partners to take over the day to day operations.

There is a LOT to do to move to another country, especially when applying for residency. We are on the homestretch of preparations now. Two months to finish the mound of ‘paperwork’, visit my sister and dad one more time, and to say goodbyes to numerous friends who are as close to us as blood family. I have felt a mix of emotions for this Amazing Adventure: terrified, ecstatic and grief.

Why this big move? For me, it’s an intense desire for Simplicity, to live life Concentrated. The opportunity to travel and explore the world. The freedom to join missions groups or start something new- as we are lead.

I’ve been called into a Sabbatical Year when we arrive at our new home. Renewal. Refreshment. Re-start. Rest. I am ‘pressing in’ to intimacy with Jesus. I’m going back to The Garden with Elohim. Life in the Garden.

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  1. Steve jones says:

    Very cool! Excited for you guys.
    God bless You all.


  2. Heather Joy says:

    This is so breathtaking, such beauty and oh so exciting for you and your family! Way to go for being brave and daring to do what so many only dream of doing!
    May the Favor of the Lord go before you all and chase you down every step of the way.


  3. Go for it! Welcome to the blogging world!


  4. sherri willer says:

    So excited for your next adventure!


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